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STYLR™ will give you Gorgeous Hair Anywhere.

No wires? Yes please! Throw the STYLR™ Cordless Hair Styler in your gym bag, carry-on, or purse for touch-ups wherever life takes you. Comes with a beautiful travel case!

  • No Cords. No Mess. Only fabulous hair.
  • Compact size for Comfort, Carry & Travelling.
  • Easy, Safe & Convenient.
  • Straight, curly or wavy within SECONDS.

Created by WORLD FAMOUS Celebrity Hair Styler

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Welcome to the Beautiful world of Cordless Hair Styling

Straight, curly or wavy, STYLR™ does it all, and will go where you go.

Why STYLR™ ?

  • Cordless on the go hair Styler
  • Up to 400 degrees °F in 90 seconds
  • Rose Gold titanium heating plates
  • Great for Straight Curley or Wavy hair
  • Dual Voltage for international use
  • Lasts for 45 minutes on a single charge


Style with freedom and convenience.


The STYLR™ looks as good as it works.


Touches up Straight, Curly or Wavy Hair.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that STYLR™ will make a great impact on your hair and lifestyle, that every box comes with a 30 day 100% risk free money back guarantee.

Checkout STYLR™ in Action

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Have a question? See our FAQs

How long does it take to charge the STYLR™?

It takes about 2.5 to 3 hours for the STYLR™ to fully charge.

How long does a single charge last for?

A single charge may last about 30-45 minutes working time at the highest temperature setting.

Can I really use the STYLR™ anywhere?

Unless you plan on using your STYLR™ in the shower or while bungee-jumping, you can apply it on the go - while traveling, at the office, gym, in between meetings or anywhere else your need a spotless fixup.

Which temperature should I set for my hair?

Your hair type will determine the heating temperature. The highest heat you can setting goes as high as 200 °C to allow the STYLR™ to work effectively while keeping your hair's texture safe and fresh-looking. You have 3 different heat setting modes for your convenience and you can also use the temperature indicator to know exactly which mode fits best with your hair type.

Do I have to clean the STYLR™?

You can clean the iron and plates using a damp clean cloth while the iron is turned off and has cooled down. Cleaning your styler will prevent hair breakage and conduct the proper heating you need to style your hair.

How does the STYLR™ differ from other straighteners?

The innovative technology of the STYLR™ allows you to design your hair up to 10 times faster than traditional hair straightening/curling irons. Its small structure and heating ceramic barrel enable straightening, curling or waving quickly and effortlessly. The cordless function and easy grip create a smooth application and even results through your hair.

Should I use the STYLR™ on wet hair?

For best and safest results, use your STYLR™ on dry hair only.

Can STYLR™ burn my hair/scalp?

STYLR™ is designed for safety and create flawless results while protecting your hair and scalp at all times. The 3-level controlled heating provides optimal hair temperature for no hair or skin damage. Regardless, you should always make sure no other body parts come in contact with the styler surface.

How long does the STYLR™ take to heat up?

Depending on your desired temperature, Cordless Travel Hair Styler takes up to 90 seconds to reach a maximum heat of 200 °C.

Can I use STYLR™ on my hair extensions?

You can use the STYLR™ on hair extensions made of real hair only. Do not use it on any type of synthetic hair extensions.